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What Can You Substitute for an Egg in Cornbread?

    What Can You Substitute for an Egg in Cornbread

    Cornbread is considered difficult to make without eggs, as eggs work as a binding part in keeping batter together and resulting in good cornbread. But not all people want eggs in their cornbread, whether it is due to allergy, being vegan, or any other reason. So is it possible to make cornbread without eggs? If yes, then what can you substitute for an egg in cornbread?

    Yes, there are substitutes for eggs in cornbread. You can use apple sauce, Yogurt, mayonnaise, silken tofu, or even ground flax seeds as substitutes. They will perfectly act as binding agents in the cornbread in place of eggs. 

    Let’s get to know more about egg substitutes in cornbread and how much to use these substitutes as compared to one egg. 

    What Can You Substitute for an Egg in Cornbread?

    There are many substitutes for eggs in cornbread, and they will all do the same work as eggs in cornbread. Let’s look at those substitutes and how much to use them in place of eggs: 

    1) Applesauce (Use ¼ Cups per 1 Egg)

    Applesauce is the number one substitute for eggs in cornbread, and even many vegan recipes ask to use applesauce. So it is right to use applesauce in the cornbread. Why? Because it also has the same moisture and binding agent as in eggs. 

    The binding agent in applesauce is pectin which works well to keep cornbread in place while baking. 

    2) Ground Flax Seeds (1 Tbsp+3 Tbsp Water per 1 Egg)

    Another substitute for eggs in cornbread is using ground flax seeds which will work just as fine as eggs work. The thing is, you have to use ground flax seeds with water, as we mentioned. Then, let the mixture sit for around 5 minutes after you have added it to the mixture of cornbread. 

    It will work just as fine as eggs work and even come with the extra benefits of Omega-3

    3) Yogurt (¼ Cup Per 1 Egg) 

    Yes, Yogurt can be used in baking, and it will work in place of eggs in the cornbread. The unflavoured Yogurt will not have any taste or smell in the final product. 

    The thing is, you should not flavor Yogurt or Yogurt with sugar added as it will change the taste of the cornbread. 

    4) Mayonnaise (¼ Cup Per 1 Egg)

    Mayonnaise is another option in place for using eggs, and it will work just fine as eggs do. Mayo will result in soft and delicious cornbread, and you just have to use ¼ cup of mayo in place of each egg in the recipe called for. 

    5) Silken Tofu (¼ Cup Per 1 Egg) 

    Yes, you read it right, silken tofu can be used as a substitute for cornbread. This versatile ingredient will change the way you make cornbread, and you will permanently replace eggs with silken tofu in cornbread recipes. 

    Just use ¼ cups of silken tofu in place of each egg in the recipe, and the result will be fluffy, moist, and delicious cornbread. 

    Bottom Line

    This was all about what can you substitute for an egg in cornbread. These include applesauce, mayo, Yogurt, flaxseeds, and silken tofu. There are commercial substitutes, too, but these natural substitutes are better. 

    Moreover, if you want to use mayo and don’t have it, then you can use sour cream; instead, it will work the same. 

    We hope you found this article helpful & informative. Please let us know your thoughts & suggestions in the comments below!

    Thank you for reading!