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How to Preserve Red Bell Peppers?

    How to Preserve Red Bell Peppers

    Bell Peppers are one of the ingredients in the dishes that enhances color and flavor and are mostly in all kinds of dishes. Whether you make pizza, chicken, barbeque, or anything else, bell peppers are there. But as they are not present year around, we all look for ways to preserve bell peppers. So, how to preserve red bell peppers? 

    There is more than one way to preserve red bell peppers. One of the methods is blanching and freezing the bell peppers and then using them whenever required. Other methods involve roasting the red bell peppers, peeling the skin, and freezing them. 

    Let’s get to know the various methods of preserving red bell peppers and which method is best. 

    How to Preserve Red Bell Peppers?

    Here are some methods to preserve red bell peppers:

    Quick Freezing Method

    This is one of the best methods to freeze bell peppers, and you can even cut the red bell peppers in various sizes as per your usage later. So this method works this way: 

    • First of all, wash the bell peppers properly in running water. 
    • Now, take a knife and cut the bell peppers after removing the inside seeds of the bell peppers. 
    • You need to cut the bell peppers in stripes and in small rectangle size pieces for different usage types. 
    • Now, take parchment paper and spread it on a baking sheet, and freeze the bell peppers for an hour. 
    • In the final step, take a freezer bag and transfer all the bell peppers in it. 
    • Try to squeeze all the air out of the container/bag and then freeze the red bell peppers.

    Drying Method

    This is another method to preserve red bell peppers. It involves drying the bell peppers in an oven or through a dehydrator. Let’s know about this method:

    • First of all, take red bell peppers and blanch them by boiling them in hot water and then immediately putting them in cold water. 
    • Then place red bell peppers in an oven, set at the lowest temperature, or in a dehydrator to take out all the moisture from the bell peppers. 
    • Now, place the bell peppers on cookie sheets. 
    • Once the red bell peppers are dried, they will be good for weeks, and you can use them in any dish you want. 

    Roasting Method

    The roasting method is another method to preserve red bell peppers, which can give them a good shelf life. Here is the whole method: 

    • First of all, grill the bell peppers until the skin on the peppers turns black and starts to peel off. 
    • As all the bell peppers are grilled, put them in an empty crockpot and cover the crockpot so that they can be in their own steam for 15 minutes. 
    • When you put out the bell peppers, the steam will result in peeling off the skin of the bell peppers. 
    • Then cut these bell peppers and freeze them. 
    • You can have great use of these frozen bell peppers whenever you want to. 

    How to use preserved red bell peppers?

    You can use the preserved red bell peppers as you use the normal red bell peppers. You just need to put them out of the fridge, give them some minutes to thaw them, and then use them as pizza toppings or in soups and stews. 

    Bottom Line

    This was all about how to preserve red bell peppers. Now you can use any of the three methods we have mentioned and easily preserve your bell peppers to use in winter and your favorite recipes using red bell peppers. 

    We hope you found this article helpful & informative. Please leave your valuable thoughts & suggestions in the comments below!

    Thank you for reading!