Zodiac Signs With the Greatest Emotional Distance

Some zodiac signs are vulnerable, but others are not. They struggle with live interactions. Don't make eye or face contact. They can't hide their feelings.


Aquariuses are heart-centered, and many of their acts are emotional. But Aquarius isn't comfortable with sentiments. Analytical, intellectual, and distant & aloof.

Aquarians aren't comforting. Insensitive people won't care about you. They may not ask enough questions or care. They may disappear if they feel too close.


Virgos are emotionally distant, although they have feelings. They may not trust people to communicate. To defend themselves, they may seem distant & mechanical.


Sagittarius values freedom, but emotions can interfere. If someone gets too emotional with Sagittarius, they'll joke. This sign can be inconsiderate to others' feelings.


Gemini may prefer hookups because there's less likelihood of emotional attachment. When emotional level inaccessible, they keep conversations light.


Aries don't try to be emotionally inaccessible, but they can get caught up in their impetuous behaviours and ambitious goals and forget about others.

Although Aries tend to be self-centered, they are neither cruel or unkind. Despite their feelings, an Aries will keep a level head and appear unconcerned if their heart has been shattered.

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