Zodiac signs with the greatest average monthly spending

Sagittarius spends more on clothes, food, and accessories. And spending on these luxuries won't pay off. They cut back if their friends do. Saturn oversees Sagittarius' finances, so he's responsible.


When it comes to money, Libra overspends. Libras ruled by Venus seek what they want at any cost. In actuality, Libra dislikes this trait. These natives rarely succeed.


Pisces prefer to spend on others. As Jupiter rules Pisces, people seek important experiences in life and use money to arrange them. Pisces get out of a foul mood by overspending on shopping


Pisces are soft-hearted and can't save money. As one of the friendliest zodiac signs, they will offer their heart and wallet if asked for help. They also struggle to get the money back.

Aries are spendthrifts. Their wants are dependent on what others have. Aries confuse wants and needs, leaving them with little or no money to save.


Leo loves food and electronics. The Lion sign is materialistic. They believe the more they have, the happier they'll be, hence they're among the zodiac signs that spend the most. 


Leos want to make money from money, which boosts their investing quotient. Sun-ruled Leos are good with money. Leo will save for something large but spend it all at once if necessary.

Gemini's dual personality slows savings. These melancholy natives never spend. Gemini's duality helps them save. When bored, Geminis buy luxury stuff.


Gemini, a sign that changes personalities, has to be reminded what to spend on. Good goodness they consider pet talk. Gemini's position on the list of zodiac signs who spend the most money fluctuates.

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