Gemini's never ending curiosity never lets them get into a relationship, 


they explore all possible options to make sure that the person they are with is truly the right one for them. To have or not to have.

Aries people are self-confident and know what they are and what they want,


their outspoken nature makes it easy for them to express their wishes and end the relationship if they are unhappy with the relationship.

Sagittarians are very optimistic, so they believe that they will get what they want, but the desire to get too much keeps them away from the relationship.


Aquarians want a partner who understands their intellectual side and values ‚Äč‚Äčtheir independence,


otherwise they will never be with a partner who is co-dependent and doesn't understand their need to accomplish goals Are.

It is very important for Leo people to have passion and if there is no passion in a relationship, they get separated from the relationship.


Scorpio people are used to getting what they want and achieving success in all areas of life, so they tend to run away from relationships.


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