Once the people of Leo zodiac make an opinion, then the people of Leo zodiac stay on it and do not change their mind. 

 Leo people like to follow a schedule and they like things and people to be on time, due to which they strongly oppose change.


Aquarians adopt all the latest technology and better ways of doing things to stay in progress but hate to change what they already have.


Taurus people know that they cannot control everything, due to which these people oppose any change,

 if there is any change even if they do not want it, then they feel lost and put themselves under stress. 


Aries are always ready to take risks, and are very good with positive changes, but they are stubborn when the changes harm them.


Capricorns get very upset with the change, these people like to regulate and order things,

when change is imposed on these people, they go out of control and do not understand what to do next.


Virgo knows that change is inevitable, and they appreciate what can be learned from it. But before any change, these people analyze it,

if they see any benefit, then they accept it and if the change is going to make any difference to them, then they do not hold back from opposing it.

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