Zodiac signs that are most likely to flirt with others


Mercury, the messenger, rules Gemini. This makes Gemini brilliant with words and flirty. Geminis are great conversation openers, which helps them polish their flirting skills-

They don't flirt just for pleasure. If they like you, they won't be shy about approaching you. Gemini's skill to flirt can convince anyone.


A flirtatious Taurus. While the Taurus may be slow to act, their filthy sense of humour will leave you unable to find the right words to respond. Taurus is prompted to flirt by Venus.


Libra loves how flirty they are. Venus rules Libra, which gives them a flirty temperament like Taurus. Libra's flirting talents come out once they fall in love, unlike Taurus.

As they prefer to avoid conflict, Libras often resort to flirtation to win your favour. Libras, as air signs, have a way with words that is both seductive and alluring, which they use when flirting.


As the most sensuous zodiac sign, Scorpios flirt naturally. They don't mind saying something shocking. But... You're incorrect if you assume a Scorpion will return your flirting.

Scorpio's shy and picky. You won't realise they're sensual unless they show you. If you want to show a Scorpio's best side or flirtatious nature, create a positive impression.


Individuals born under the sign of the water fairy are sweet and playful. Those with the Pisces sign are shy flirts. That's mysterious and endearing all at once.

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