She's so open minded that some people will think of her as naive if you say you hate Chipotle she'll say she hates it.


She's always trading in the old for new people, unlike Libra, she never changes to make you happy and she changes because she does what she does.


His opinion changes as many times as his feelings, which occur every five minutes, Kim is the biggest bitch in all the kardashis.


Mostly agree and sometimes stubborn, she sticks to her convictions, but if you make a persuasive argument about why she's wrong, she's willing to change her beliefs.


She will be stubborn to the point where it will risk making her unpopular or she will suffer a personal setback.


She's stubborn but not stupid she'll stick to her guns until you actually prove that her guns aren't full.


As stubborn as a big granite mountain about her own decisions and beliefs, she can't bother to intervene among you. She chooses her places very carefully.


She is the one who will go with the rest of you to an Italian restaurant rather than a Thai restaurant because she likes Italian food better than the rest of you.


As a result of hard experience she knows the game and the players, and she can't be played. She is really generous and kind and always ready to help.


You can tell her that one and one are equal to two and she will tell you that it is three, she will hear every word you say and reject every single one of them.


It's better not to try to tell him there's a better way. It's easier to lift a medium-sized automobile off the ground than to get a Kumbh to change your mind.


If you want to split the restaurant's check but she insists on treating you because she's just got a boost at work and likes to show off then she'll literally throw you to the ground.

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