You can complete people's sentences for them, sometimes you don't want to see what people are thinking, because wow, that can be ugly.


You'll be a fool not following the fantastic powers of your intuition, your mental abilities are too strong, so never get in the way of them.


You forget what happened in the past, not sure what's happening now, but are brilliant at predicting what will happen next.


You are completely connected to the environment air, water, sunlight, trees, plants and animals, it is this natural connection with nature that gives you such a strong mental capacity.


You are unmatched in your ability to read the intentions of others; Sadly, sometimes you're completely unaware of what drives you.


The problem isn't that your mental abilities are weak, It's that your ego is bigger than your intuition, You'll do well with a little less lion and a little more lamb.


You won't talk to people about your philosophy because you're afraid they'll call you crazy.


Your mental abilities are deep within you, but remain largely untapped because you are easily distracted.


You are also wrapped up in your inner world to be able to experience other dimensions, you know what you want; The problem is that you are ignorant about what motivates others.


You consider facts and obstacles and you don't make wrong decisions, you are logical and practical and practical and that is why you are a lousy psychic.


You are the sign of scales, and when it comes to mental ability, you strike a balance between being very comfortable about the other but completely unaware of yourself.


My heartfelt advice is that you find intelligent people, befriend them and never let them go, they will be your guiding light and I am telling you all this because you are not mental.


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