Sagittarius girls can't tell a solid lie if they want to and they can be a little too truthful and sometimes can't tell the difference between being honest and being hurt.


These girls are of a fearless breed and are not at all afraid to argue about your dumb looking shoes, they do not see the bitter truth as a matter of bypassing or sweetening.


They see no value in lying whether it is to hurt someone or to protect their feelings from being hurt.


Cancerians are extremely honest in romantic relationships because they want to know where they stand with their partner and sometimes when they lie it's always there to protect someone else's feelings.


There are two types of lies, one that causes harm and the other that protects someone from harm and this is the characteristic of Virgo, she never tells a lie that hurts anyone.


Taurus as a sign that absolutely hates drama and conflict Taurus will lie just to maintain peace.


Scorpios will be brutally honest towards you and cruelly dishonest to yourself, you can trust everything she says about you and she doesn't say anything about herself.


If a Capricorn girl is feeling happy then she will be completely honest about her feelings but if she keeps her away from trouble then she lies like a little monster.


Aquarians will lie when they think it involves a high cause, they think the ends justify the means, and if they can lie to help a friend, they'll tilt their little one's head.


Pisces people are very adept at lying, which makes them very bad people in the eyes of many, Pisces people are the best at lying without knowing it.


Libraries are infamous for being fake and two faced but they tend to be very honest to themselves, which is why they are well aware of how dishonest they are with almost everyone.


Gemini not only lie a lot, they can't even keep track of their own lies, so they'll keep lying on top of each other until the entire house of cards falls and then she'll lie about the fact that she ever lied.


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