You live in your other world and you find the world inside your mind far more interesting than the outside world and a dreamer with a colorful imagination.


You're not quite introverted like Pisces but you've rarely let anyone in, if you have to choose, you'll always opt for coffee at a full night dinner with a few friends.


You Taurus people are not very enthusiastic and the reason you are not very outgoing is because you have been injured before so it is really wise that you are a little different and not as weak as you used to be.


You are a born intellectual which is why you spend so much time thinking rather than talking and you are one of that rare breed who can entertain yourself in a dark quiet room and there is no one around.


You're an extroverted introvert, you can be sociable and even go to bubbly concerts or ball games but you need a lot of time alone.


Libras generally live on their own, the only paradox being that they are brilliant entertainers and public speakers, they are very comfortable being alone but rule the world when they are on stage.


Scorpios may appear first at an event but then when the crowd starts to grow and things get packed and sweaty, they also run for the door first.


The problem with classifying Virgos as introverts or extroverts is that they come in both tastes and Virgo boys are deep thinkers while Virgos are fun loving.


Gemini is both introvert and extrovert they like to party and are the type that will appear first and go last, they work hard and get separated then withdraw for a long recovery period.


Sagittarius people are wild and uninhibited and fun-loving, she is the type of girl who will just give up everything, just say that extroverts have such a good time, forget about introverts.


You're the type of girl who keeps moving and cheering and kissing, you not only seize the day, you embrace it very hard, it's almost painful.


Your strong, dominant personality makes you very popular even introverts like to be around you when you go to the party a little late, naturally everyone is happy.


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