When someone crosses you, you can get away from it, you will kill them. If you do not do so, you will go for murder.


Your vengeance is hotter than the pistol that has just been fired, once you go wrong, your revenge will be immediate and decisive.


When it comes to revenge, you mafia style will die for you, your revenge will be so full, they will not want their forgiveness or friendship.


You never warm and cold, either you are completely hot or completely cold you either punch on their face or will never talk to them.


You're easily the most vengeful sign, but you take your revenge on both hot and cold plates.


You start with a cold mind and calculate but as your revenge plan becomes more and more detailed, you get warmer.


You get over things very quickly, you never get hot but then you're not that cold either, at least maybe you'll run mischievous calls against them or create a fake social media account.


It will take you time to plan your revenge which mostly involves refusing to forgive them because you are never aggressive, only passive aggressive.


You're too timid in revenge, you'll strike when they feel you've calmed down when you least expect it and you're extremely careful not to miss fingerprints.


You take a passive glee in making your enemy feel guilty and humble and punished and submissive but your revenge is also monotonous and indirect.


Usually you are very chilly, you will get angry but you will not let your enemy see it instead you will wait and then dip the knife in them, laughing they will twist at it.


When you feel that someone has crossed the line with you you will make sure that your enemy is suffering but you will wait until they are watching.


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