The only problem with moving out of town with you is that you disappear easily, and before anyone notices that you're gone, you've already gone to three new parties.


You're always dynamic the last person to arrive at the party and the first person to go because you get bored easily but never boring.


You get very jealous if someone has more fun than you, although sometimes you become a little careless when you are having fun.


You are always ready for new experiences no matter what the collateral damage.


It's important for you that people understand you want to make you happy and be at every party.


Your fun comes almost exclusively at the expense of others,you say what everyone is thinking but are afraid to say that the person you're insulting isn't so funny.


You carry water but you have a little trouble carrying your wine, you have fun for you all night, you squeeze every drop of life from night.


It's always more fun inside your head than the outside world, you can sometimes be the lifeblood of the party more people than you want to hide.


You are very alert, sometimes it is a miracle that you can muster the courage to breathe and you are feeling a little sick anyway so it is best that you stay inside and fall asleep.


You don't like to travel to new places or face new ideas so you miss out on a lot of fun.


You're afraid of your own shadow that's pointless, because your shadow also thinks you're boring and when it comes to having fun, you're largely a virgin.


You'll be unable to dance or tell a joke on order even if someone puts a gun to your head you can be so boring that you peel off the paint.


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