What exactly are you not rebelling against? Whichever direction you turn you're in war and what the rest of the world doesn't understand is that they're wrong and you're right.


Your independent streak is as fierce as a wolf who hasn't eaten or bathed in days you fall to the ground when someone says jump when they say listen to me, you close your ears with your fingers.


If everyone is having a good time you'll find a reason to cry, in fact you're predictably rebellious.


Your soul is rebelling against everything they do, say, and represent, yet if you have to fight it's fine you're very good at it.


You don't even question authority, you ignore it which makes the authority even more angry it seems that you can't even bother to rebel against them.


You don't see anything wrong with being a little rebellious unless you behave stupidly about it.


One of you is a rebel and the other is a peacemaker, the peacemaker keeps trying to reason with the rebel but when the rebel finally regains consciousness she finally makes peace with the peacemaker.


You don't need to be a rebel because everyone likes you and will do whatever you ask them to do when the war has already been won, who needs rebellion?


You're too cold and fun to bother about giving people a hard time and you'll fill water for water carriers until they treat you like a servant.


You're more sunny than rain, you'd rather laugh than scream and would rather break bread than fight for bread.


You realize that life is too short for both petty fights and world wars and you spread a natural sweetness that can melt even the harshest heart.


You won't hurt a fly because it's just that you're as sweet as sugar and flies are drawn towards it.


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