You are the purest and most beautiful of the angels and were born with the original sin that is still your only sin and you are very holy.


You have a forgiving heart and you never hate everyone calls you sweetheart and your only fault is that sometimes you are too good for your own good.


You're kind and sympathetic, your only flaw is that you have a tendency to get lightly angry when people don't reward your kindness and generosity.


For you, truth is the greatest good, and you slip away only when people lie, then a little bit of Satan comes out of you, but you never spoil your temper with a bad mood.


Your greatest virtue is the unfathomable desire to do favors to others, you are honest and loving but you have the drive that sometimes leads you to making foolish decisions.


You are the classic case of someone who always has an angel on one shoulder and a demon on the other, which catches your attention.


Lions are elite beautiful and majestic until you come to their bad side and you like to do good deeds until someone crosses you.


You honestly want to be a good person, the only thing is that life gives a lot of temptations and it is hard for you to resist.


If someone is so stupid that it comes to your bad side, you will seek vengeance and not rest until you humiliate your opponent.


You have a lot of evils, a member of the local vice squad has been appointed to handle your case, your redeeming value is your sense of humour.


You'll do evil until you're caught, and then you'll pretend to apologize, sometimes you even find yourself a scapegoat but not often, because usually you're guilty.


There are seven levels of hell, but you have a plush apartment beneath all of them and you are the living embodiment of evil.

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