Love for you happens in the blink of an eye you stop him to say I love you and you get caught cruelly when you fall.


You will fall in love even before you meet someone and you are in love with the concept of love and love comes to you deeper than the universe faster than the speed of light.


You are ruled by Venus, the planet of love, you're also particularly vulnerable to sweet speaking people, some would say you're a little superficial that you're more likely to fall for a square jaw charming one.


You are quick to develop a crush but you need to be humble to actually fall in love but you rarely fall in love if you are ever truly in love.


Love is a game for you but in this you want to play the role of referee you don't like to lose control over your emotions and that's what happens when you fall in love.


Lust is often more important to you than love, you like to feel powerful and falling in love makes you feel insecure.


You're a little more alert than other signs and not so willing to devote your heart, it takes a while for you to fall in love.


You want to be loved more than anything in the world, although the deep fear of getting hurt keeps you alert, the fear of rejection prevents you from immediately falling into the bottomless pit of love.


Because of your fundamental shyness you take a little longer than most, you'll shed your long hair and allow Mr. Wright to climb when you have feelings for him.


Love for you happens slowly and you value friendship more than love Even if he is already deeply in love with you you you are still likely to present him as your friend.


You're looking for security that's more practical than romantic, love for you never roars like a tide wave it's like a slow dripping of a tap leak.


Before falling in love for the first time it's likely that you'll lose your sexual virginity, you spend so much time falling in love with the people waiting behind you.


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