If there was a way to cheat after death, you would do the same, you like to cheat on the person with whom you cheated on your previous lover.


Everyone knows you're a cheat, but do you really have to be so open about it? Because it boosts the ego you really like to get caught up.


You're so talented at cheating that once you get your mind on it, you can have dinner with all three people at the same restaurant at the same time, and none of them will doubt.


The worst thing about you is that once caught you wouldn't try to hide it and if he was satisfying you and knew how to keep you happy then you wouldn't cheat at first?


Once you've wondered what it feels like to sleep with someone other than your boyfriend you cheat on the first person who comes to your eye is likely his friend his brother.


If you can't be with the person you love, love the one you know too.


It's that you're too careless in it, you're also very polite if you don't want them to know, your toxic mix of polite carelessness makes a big mess for everyone involved.


You're more likely to cheat physically emotionally.


You like to be in love and until then you are unlikely to cheat, you cheat as a way to get out of a relationship you've decided he's gone his course.


You're mostly a loyal lion, but it's also not because you think cheating is unethical, it's impractical.


You'll cheat on the first sign that you're falling in love, you'll cheat to blunt your feelings of vulnerability in order to regain a sense of control and power.


The only reason you ever cheated is because you fell in love with someone else and couldn't control your heart.


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