Once the people of Cancer get connected with someone, they do not leave them easily, that is why they cannot forget their ex. 


It takes a lot of time for these people to recover and these people keep trying to fix whatever mistakes have happened in the relationship.

The people of Libra zodiac believe that mistakes are made by everyone, that is why they are strong supporters of forgiving others,


For this reason, even if their partner goes away from them in a relationship, this person forgives them and gives them a second chance.

Virgos give priority to feelings, that's why they will give you a second chance in a relationship if they think you are worth it.


The feelings of other people are very important to Pisces, and these people cannot stay away from the people they care about.


This is the reason that even after breaking the relationship, these people give second chance to their partner, because it becomes difficult for them to go away from them.

Gemini people feel differently after a relationship breaks up, and when they come to know that their ex is interested in them, 


they tend to get back into that relationship without wasting a second.

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