Zodiac signs likely to re-date an ex


Libras forgive easily. They don't blame mistakes and believe people may evolve. They assume everything depends on time, so if they run into an ex again, they may try again.

Libras won't remember your prior mistakes if you've apologised. They give their ex a second chance because they value connection and harmony over bitterness and retaliation.


Cancer can't quit. Since they heal slowly, they may give their ex a second chance. Even though they don't forgive you, these natives want to be buddies.


Virgos are logical, therefore they may forgive you. Without change, they won't reunite. Mature Virgos rarely dispute. If your problems are fixed, they may reconsider.


Feelings are important to a Piscean. It will be difficult to say no if their ex calls. They have a tendency to please others. They value having a close friend.

 Pisces have a tendency to become emotionally invested in those they care about, which means they might give their ex another chance.


The temperament of a Gemini varies. They'll get over their fury in a few months. They could get back together rather quickly because they're spontaneous and flexible.

And if they really want you back, they won't think twice about it. have a good time and have faith in their gut. They won't think about the long-term consequences if it's timely.

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