Zodiac signs are completely void of compassion


Capricorns don't reveal their sentiments, thus they're distant. Capricorns value success. You're weak if you're too emotional or trapped in the past. They want to appear smart, confident, and practical. Abusive Capricorns exist.


They're interested in learning how to control their feelings and teaching others to do the same. If they can help it, these zodiac signs would rather not offer emotional support to others. 

It would not be wise to seek solace from them at this time. They give off an icy, emotionless vibe that is really off-putting. The sign of Aquarius is not known for its willingness to forgive.


Virgos assume they're smarter than everyone else. Virgos enjoy learning and sharing. Their minds can override their hearts. They appear emotionless. Perfectionists are impatient with human flaws.


Geminis can be polite and hospitable then frigid and unwelcoming. Always interested. If you damage them, they'll be upset. The thermostat was lowered. They won't consider your actions or feelings. 

Emotional zodiacs. Contrary. They required barriers because of their intense emotions. These hurdles make winning their trust and hearts difficult. Opening up means relinquishing control.


Given Cancers' tendency toward tenderness and generosity, you might be baffled by their generally unfavourable reputation. But they could be icy. When someone has been harmed or misled, they may stop caring about other people.

 Once inside their heads, you won't be able to go out. The border-crosser will be treated as if they were dead. They're good at keeping score and holding grudges, and they always make sure the other team pays.

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