Zodiac Dogs: The Best Breed for Your Sign

A competitive, independent Aries should get a lab. This laid-back breed needs training for fitness and mental stimulation. That implies racing and fetch.

Aries-Labrador Retriever

Taureans need a dog who can match their loyalty. The devoted, protective boxer is the perfect match for the family. This dog is a good family guardian.


Geminis require a dog that matches their curiosity and energy. The border collie is sweet, smart, and active. The breed is easy to teach and will accept any challenge.

Gemini-Border Collie

Cancerians seek devotion and commitment from their relationships and pets. The greyhound is reliable. This sweet, aristocratic breed returns all of its owner's devotion.


Saint Bernards are visually imposing, but they're kind, playful, and patient with children. Its large paws can hold even the youngest family members.

Leo-Saint Bernard

A hardworking Virgo needs a husky. It was developed to pull sleds across ice terrain, so it can handle practically any duty. As a pack dog, it enjoys family life and living with other dogs.

Virgo-Siberian Husky

Bulldogs seem tough, yet they're calm and friendly. Don't think a large breed can't be a lapdog. Bulldogs will relax on their owners' laps regardless of size.


Elegant, speckled dalmatian keeps up with competitive Scorpio. Scorpios lack Dalmatian stamina. The breed is distant towards strangers but faithful to humans.


The Dachshund's exuberant personality fits the extrovert Sagittarius. It's not built for distance sports, but it does everything else. There's never a dull time when you have a Dachshund.


Capricorn dog owners aren't flighty mischief-makers. Dependable dog only. Shiba Inus are good-natured, adaptable, and attentive.

Capricorn-Shiba Inu

Havanese are Aquarius in dog form. Unique breed is smart, independent, and kind. But it gives unending entertainment, winning the Water Bearer's heart.


Pisces love Weimaraners. German Gray Ghost loves his owner. It may become stiff and hyper without exercise and mental stimulation, like its Pisces owner.


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