You are the embodiment of feminine principle and communicate vitality and you are a powerful reminder that there would be no man without women.


You feel at home in nature and find yourself lost in a lush green forest or secluded beach, spring is your favorite season because it's when everything starts to come alive again.


You know that the universe hangs in balance between opposing forces and your primary mission is to take these conflicting elements and harmonize them.


You love the changing seasons and even the changes in your menstrual cycle and you can see someone and you can know everything about them without saying anything.


You have the power of a lion but the tenderness of a kitten and boldly set out into the dark in search of light at the other end.


You are prized for your generous advice to others and are a healer by nature, everything for you is a sacred ritual.


Those qualities that lift man above animals are at the core of your soul, you understand how the universe works and you are extremely tolerant and kind.


Your spiritual path is often more rockyly deep and even more frightening than the other signs because you feel that both sides together form a full soul.


There is no greater sin than lying to you because it prevents your access to God and you are wiser than your years and were an old soul even at birth.


Spirituality for you is about humility and erasing ego and your mystical path is one of meditation and learning and thought all inner endeavors.


Your inner spiritual world is calm and steady and separate from the pain and suffering of everyday life and you are the protector of lost knowledge and willing to share it only with deserving people.


You are spread across two worlds, worldly and supernatural and you are the most intuitive and often purely mental of all zodiac signs, your intuition is unmatched.


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