You have a soft romantic side, you're stronger when you fall and you'll do everything to woo your boo.


You have a reputation for being stubborn and tough and you are incredibly focused, you know how to live in the moment.


Gemini in fact you always put your friends first even before your needs.


Cancer you like to work and you know about people and places, also you are always ready to share your networking skills which stimulate your own success.


Your personality is great but your heart is bigger than that and the truth is that you give everything resource contact appreciation that anyone needs to promote.


Despite your calm environment you have a slow-burning anger that comes out when you're actually pushed.


Sure you're not the type of triple-text group discussion to publicize your point but you have the intensity to make sure you're always heard no matter what.


You're truly adorable, it can surprise people who don't know you well because the intensity of your thinking deters those who don't really agree.


You have an imaginative side, you are always ready to exchange stories and tell others about your feelings.


You know how to make your teammates laugh with your sarcasm but your dry mind makes you a favorite in your friends and office as well.


You may also be a little competitive with the people around you but avoid fussy tactics as they may retreat.


You are known for your spontaneous and dreamy nature, but you observe things carefully before committing to thinking in a particular way.


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