You are a great leader but your natural tendency is to fight your way to the top needless to say your dictatorship is not always appreciated by your colleagues.


If we are honest then you can also be a little lazy you are a colleague who is not only enough to work together but who does not always draw his own weight.


Gemini You need a lot of mental stimulation and energy Try to put creative energy into your work Consider becoming self employed.


You are super sensitive a little sensitive to the workplace and you start blaming yourself if someone criticizes your work in the smallest way then you put them on your list.


Take control of your ego because it's the only thing that stops you from growing up letting yourself be humble and vulnerable most of the time is really nothing you can't do.


You are a workaholic and perfectionist, try to be less critical of yourself and others and don't forget to take a vacation.


You like to keep harmony and balance under control don't be afraid to express what you're feeling and don't even be afraid of not being loved.


You are overambitious which is not a bad thing in fact you can also see your co workers as competitive and avoid contacting them you reduce intensity and try collaboration.


Your assertive and straightforward attitude at the workplace is not always welcome and remember that if you don't have something good to say then you have nothing to say.


You like to work the way you work when a co worker is not working like you, you can easily get angry try to loosen the reins a bit.


You are a deep and inquisitive thinker thinking too much and living too much in your mind is your biggest challenge and try to do something before assessing the profit and loss.


You are sensitive and creative your good qualities work against you when you are in a more practical and structured workplace because you feel suffocated and not appreciated.

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