You need your boyfriend to stay with you but you don't like to be held on to you though the worst thing is to feel that your boyfriend is hiding something from you.


No rough edges rude speech tasteless form or rough behavior Tenderness is necessary for a Taurus lover and if the lover cannot be decent then it is impossible to forget or forgive him.


Communication with your lover is the main thing you should receive a phone call email or text message with touch smell and taste every day.


You not only want to be safe but also feel that you are protecting your partner it is the best feeling to have a sense of loyalty and security in your lover's arms.


You have to feel independent honest and most of all playful passion is also high but it can be right behind playfulness don't forget to giggle childish stupidity is a great thing.


Your lover should be kind and capable and should have true compassion for you seeing the weak little or deprived people or kind towards animals warms the hearts of Virgos.


Your partner should try to be sociable and interact as little as possible you desperately need harmony in your personal life as Libra you cherish all the efforts.


Without honesty and integrity you will feel hollow empty and cheated as well as being able to keep secrets and not tell everything to everyone it is an intimate and honest relationship.


Being free to give and receive massively is important for Sagittarius people so you should be openly generous and your boyfriend in the spotlight should be comfortable with you.


Love and emotional commitment take the job you should never take yourself for granted, respect, a good deed, morality continues your life and your heart beats although too much praise will be aggressive.


A fundamental sense of fairness and openness is high enthusiasm and experimentation with you can be great your lover doesn't have to agree with all your opinions but it helps.


You are the king of the zodiac in the best sense of the word you need someone who is open and sensitive and can express it.


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