You're not only going to heaven you're getting your own customized personalized sky box right above.


You are so good, even God has trouble remembering if you have ever sinned so you are going to heaven.


You've walked the straight and narrow path and all the angels in heaven keep talking about how they can't wait to meet you so you're going to heaven.


You are going in the right direction and the white dress you are wearing is very beautiful but be careful not to take any U-turn as you are going to heaven.


You are still leaning towards heaven but God forbid you have a few three day weekend before you pass through this valley of tears and you couldn't go to heaven.


You have an angel on one shoulder and satan on the other, if you know what's in store for your own good then start listening to the angel.


If the lioness always fights boys and social status she will go to hell but if she becomes straight there is a good chance that she will spend eternity roaring loudly in heaven.


Everyone knows that you are evil and that includes God if you want to remain evil just for the sake of hate then you may be a traitor to God and you may have to live in hell.


You're not far behind when it comes to sinning you've hurt people who have tried to help you and so you'll find yourself flying with bat wings instead of angel's wings.


You haven't done much in the way you help others or try to make the world a better place and have always done bad things so you're heading to hell.


Saying you're bad makes the word bad even worse: You've lied to date, cheated, stolen and backstabbed to the point where there's no doubt you're going to hell.


You are currently walking for the most evil person on earth, if you don't change your path you go straight to hell where you will be greatly punished.


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