Arby's beef sweats cost $60.

Big companies value their brand highly. The only thing better than leveraging one huge name is joining forces with another, which explains the dizzying number of brand collaborations in recent years.

Arby's & Old Spice are releasing a $60 "meat sweats" defence kit to avoid profuse sweating while eating beef. This ridiculous marketing features a roast-beef-patterned sweatsuit.

2022 Arby's/Old Spice

This cooperation is "cheesy," yet someone surely like processed cheese-scented fingertips? Velveeta teamed up with Nails Inc. to create a nail polish set.

2022 Velveeta & Nails

KFC teamed up with ProFlowers to help clueless dads & kids make Mother's Day bouquets. The Kentucky Fried Buckquet set included a dozen roses, a KFC glass vase, & eight skewers. It's better than turning up with a bucket of chicken on Mother's Day.

2022 KFC/Pro Flowers

How can well-heeled fashionistas & anti-fashionistas find common ground? Regardless: The Manolo Blahnik x Birkenstock collaboration is stunning.

Birkenstocks, 2022

 Hot Cheetos ice cream? Marble Slab thought the idea was entertaining & teamed up with PepsiCo Inc.'s Frito-Lay subsidiary to sell sweet cream ice cream combined with Flamin' Hot Cheetos in a cup, cone, or shake.

2021 Cheetos & Marble Slab

Cheesey! Van Leeuwen worked with Kraft to develop this limited-edition ice cream. It debuted on National Macaroni & Cheese Day, July 14, 2021. It was available at Walmart with other unusual flavours earlier this year.

2021 Kraft Mac&Cheese & Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

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