Healthy salad recipes

Salads have a poor reputation for being dull, so eating one for lunch or supper may seem unattractive.

Apple-watercress salad with steak

Watercress is delicate and rich in antioxidants; serve with grilled steak.

Caraway-Vinaigrette Vegan Bratwurst-Apple Salad

Meatless-approved Monday's meal features greens and Impossible sausage.

Israeli Couscous, Corn, Tomato, and Herb Salad

This meatless salad brings summer flavour year-round. Grilled zucchini and onions give added flavour.

Orange-crunch turkey salad

This simple and delicious salad is great with shredded turkey or rotisserie chicken.

Beet-tangerine-steak salad

Contrary to popular assumption, red meat isn't unhealthy. Sirloin or skirt steak make meals light and satisfying.

Warm cauli-spinach salad

Warm roasted cauliflower and pumpkin pie spice make your go-to salad cosy.

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