One zesty ingredient improves frozen pizza.

Even if frozen pizza isn't gourmet, it has its place. These easy dinners are perfect in a pinch.

Frozen pizza has evolved from the freezer-burned, cardboard-like slices you remember, especially when tailored to individual tastes with expensive ingredients.

Former pizza cook Gretchen Holm told Insider that adding lemon zest or fresh lemon juice to a hot pizza provides a freshness that is hard to get in the freezer area.

The lemon's zest brightens an otherwise simple dish.

Rather using lemon juice or zest, consider lemon-infused olive oil. Olive oil on pizza dough before baking can assist generate that crispy, golden-brown color.

If you're wanting freshness, top your frozen pizza with arugula tossed in lemon and olive oil (via The Takeout). Lemony greens make a mediocre slice new, fun, & colourful.

If a lemon-enhanced frozen pizza inspires you, don't stop there. White clam pizza garnished with lemon wedges is a terrific from-scratch take on the tip when you have more time.

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