Wrinkly Dogs Breed That Will Warm Your Heart

Bullmastiff's wrinkly face is lovely. While not the most wrinkly, they can weigh 130lbs, making them one of the bigger wrinkly dog breeds. Now, these wrinkled faces favour leisure and company.


The rare Dogue De Bordeaux has a charming, smooshy face. The wrinkled Dogue de Bordeaux demands respect. Liver chestnut colouring and sagging jowls are beautiful.

Dogue De Bordeaux

The English Bulldog is a popular wrinkly dog breed. Their compact, robust body and loud breathing are noticeable. Don't be deceived by their appearance.

English Bulldog

The wrinkled dog that weighs 50 pounds and has a wonderful appearance. They are quite sociable and friendly, making them excellent companions for cuddling.

Very cute bloodhounds. The evidence they gather using their noses in law enforcement is accepted in court. Their large ears and wrinkly skin aid their sense of smell


Pugs are small and relaxed, making them one of the most beloved wrinkly dog breeds. Beauty spots are pocket-sized wrinkles. Pug fanatics are organised. 


Neapolitan Mastiffs are lovable wrinkle monsters. This gorgeous silver-blue behemoth, developed in Italy from the Tibetan Mastiff, has a wrinkly dog face. These 150-pound wrinkly cuties drool a lot.

Neapolitan Mastiff

Basset Hounds are wrinkly. With their wrinkly face and oversized ears, it's hard to imagine anyone not finding them adorable. Like the Bloodhound, they love to sniff.

Basset Hound

Perhaps the Shar-pei is more crinkle than canine. The wrinkliest dogs ever! Purple or blue-black tongues are a distinctive feature of this dog breed.


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