New study identifies the worst drink for colorectal cancer.

Sugary soft drinks aren't the healthiest beverage choice. They can harm your heart, teeth, & fertility, among other things.

New research suggests sugary drinks increase colon cancer risk.

In the study, published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, researchers from Harvard TH Chan School of Public Health & other institutions looked at more than 120,000 people.

Drinking these beverages was connected to an increased risk of proximal colon cancer (carcinoma in the early & middle regions of the colon) & of dying from those diseases.

If you drank a lot of soda as a child but less as an adult, don't worry. Recent SSB use (in the previous 10 years) was connected with higher risk, while past use wasn't. You drink soda daily, reduce.

"Our results corroborate current dietary advice and initiatives to restrict SSB consumption," authors said.

Sugary drinks aren't simply linked to colorectal cancer. Previous research have linked them to liver cancer. They may also increase your risk of pancreatic & endometrial cancers.

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