Wildlife Species with the Best Eyesight

Eagles have extremely developed vision, like other raptors. This lets them see their prey from above. Eagles have 4 times the vision we do. Small animals can be seen 3 kilometres away.


Owls have night vision to find prey. Owls' retinas have night-vision rods. Compared to humans. They have 5 times as many rods as we do, improving their night vision.


Sharks see well. More eye rods than humans and tapetum lucidum help them see in muddy water. This crystalline tissue layer helps the shark's eyes absorb more light.


Mantis shrimp has extraordinary vision. Their eyes process what they perceive before their brain does. This gives them an edge over predators and prey.

Mantis shrimp

Cheetahs have black around their eyes to prevent visual problems. Unlike other animals, they have more cones than rods. This helps them spot prey in the grass.


Chameleons can spin their eyes independently. The chameleon can see 360 degrees without rotating its head. Slow-moving chameleons can sneak up on prey.


Like mantis shrimp, butterflies contain photoreceptors. Butterflies have up to 15 photoreceptors. They find food and evade predators.


These insects have exceptional vision due to their enormous eyes. Dragonflies have 360-degree vision. So they can dodge predators and fly well.


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