To be honest, he may not be ready to do something big in front of all his friends and family yet.


He's a bull so why didn't he propose to you yet because he's stubborn and he wants to play stubborn games with you.


He's not sure what the joy would be in crossing his road. Is this going to be a wedding, is it going to be mingle and jingle? He's trying to figure it out, he really is.


Could he have other ideas? Why is that for? Because he wants to make sure that the one he chooses is actually the same.


Leo will only propose to boost ego, so don't expect love and fairy tales from this intoxicating bag of crunches.


Maybe you haven't yet read all the signals he sent and he will be proving his love and compassion for you in ways you can only dream of.


He hasn't proposed yet because every time he tries to find his balance, there's a voice inside his head that asks Are you sure you want to do that?


Scorpio is not a person with resolutions; He is a man of good courage and spice and he will leave everything good for an era when the demand for his winning skills will be less.


Most of the time Sagittarius people don't hesitate to show all their commitments. He just wants to test you first or maybe he's denying it in any way.


He wants to make sure you want him too as much as he doesn't, express your love and gratitude and don't forget Samba.


Aquarius is a person who can take a lot out of love, but what he cannot take is a shock. He will arrive late rather than hasty, and for some reason that works well on his mechanism.


If he loses something he misses out on doing everything good in his life, this fish will swim in the sea for his loved one but it may take ages to propose to him.

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