Why Does Your Dog Follow You Around?

We bred dogs to love us for decades. Most dogs have never spent a day alone. Because dogs are social, they want to be near us as often as possible.


When it comes to daily physical and mental activity, many dogs fall short. As a result, they may start going around with their people in search of an activity.


If your dog hasn't gone potty in a while and he's suddenly devoted to you, he may need to go out. Dogs become attached when sick or needing aid. Get your dog outside

Unfulfilled Requirements

Some dogs need company when alone. It's caused by separation anxiety. "Worried" dogs often shadow during storms or other stressful times.


Observe your dog's body language to tell if he's stalking out of fear or to get close. An worried dog may pin its ears, look wide, grimace, or tense up. While you're gone, anxious dogs shouldn't eat or play.

Your dog may worship The Embodiment of Nice Things. Assuming you have a positive relationship with your dog, he may be following you as a sign of respect.


Some breeds are more loyal than others. For thousands of years, humans used these dogs to herd sheep. These dogs may accompany their owners without sheep.

Breeding traits

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