When you are wrong you have difficulty in accepting that you keep trying to save the face, looks ignorant with every failed attempt, that's why you are so sensitive.


You make a lot of people feel different because the real reason you feel different is because you're so sensitive and protecting your tragically fragile feelings.


There's a deeply wounded little baby bird inside you, you're not nearly as superficial as people think you are but you're also of an arrogant variety so you'll never let anyone see your gentle side.


Your biggest problem and this is the root of your sensitivity is the tendency to live in the past and you will sit in solitude day and night thinking about the past.


You often hide your true feelings and thoughts just to be liked which is why you are extremely sensitive about criticism.


Most of your awakened energy is spent keeping them all under control, people will see in you the sensitive and loving person in whom you have always been.


What can be dismissed as superficial attraction is actually the fact that you are sensitive and highly sensitive to the feelings of others.


You are extremely sensitive to the feelings of others and even sympathetic, but from within you are filled with anger because you don't think anyone else is as sensitive towards you.


The reason you are so sensitive is because you are human and you don't add to your emotions because you feel them and then move on to more important things.


You are quick to offend but also quick to feel insulted and you are simply trying to protect your feelings because you are afraid of getting hurt.


Your feelings as one of the most passionate zodiac signs flow like water because you are sensitive, kind, loyal, generous and honest.


Your main problem is that you live in a world where a lot of people are not as sensitive as you are, due to which you are easily injured and withdrawn.


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