You're afraid to let someone very close to you who's not as motivated as you are if you're not able to hold hands you're afraid you actually do a better job on your own.


It's hard for you to open up and once you've done that you feel like you're revealing a lot so you don't like to let people get close your struggle with your confidence scares you.


In love you have done a lot of harm to yourself in the past you are afraid for many reasons but the most important is that you are afraid to easily reveal your secrets in love.


You love them more than others but you love people who don't deserve you which makes you feel that your loyalty will be ignored by them.


You know your value and you don't think others see it the way they should you're afraid of not being praised.


You don't think you deserve love you're afraid of people who fall in love with you you feel inadequate and so separate yourself from love.


You are not very open to sharing your feelings with the people in life nor can open up properly so you are afraid of love.


You are afraid of being left behind in love you feel like you are being cheated you are not one of those who let go easily so you are afraid of love.


You're one of those people who jump off the boat when they have a hard time so before they have a chance to understand you you leave them in the dust so you're afraid of love.


You're afraid of change you love things the way they are and you don't know what life would be like if you had someone with you all the time so you're afraid of love.


You've gone through toxic situations you know family love is real but true love is a concept you don't know much about you're afraid of love because you don't really think it exists.


You love things as they are and want your time for yourself because you are afraid that love will change too much in your life but it is not easy for you to consider it.


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