Who Has the Most Self-Doubt Among the Zodiac Signs?

We prefer "insecure" for a coworker who doesn't invite us to happy hour. Thanksgiving standoffishness may be caused to group insecurities. If someone seems insecure, check their horoscope.


Cancers feel. Good thing they're super-nurturing. However, they worry more about others' sentiments than their own. The crab appears weak, vulnerable, and insecure due to its lack of autonomy and strength.


Virgos are insecure. Perfectionists are their own worst critics, but they fear criticism. They're too high for even the most confident star signs. With an endless to-do list, this sign feels like they're failing.

Virgos hide their vulnerabilities well. The mental battles this diligent earth sign faces may seem unfazed. Though their coworkers think they did well, they undoubtedly regret a dozen missteps.


This moral conflict creates self-doubt. Libra requires reassurance. Because they fear making big judgments, they appear restless at work. Annual assessments make Libras uncomfortable.


To overcome insecurity, Neptune-ruled Pisces escapes into their imagination. Due of their desire to spend more time alone at home, they're likely to exaggerate a minor comment. If you compliment them, they'll think they were ugly before.

Relationships may reveal Pisces' insecurities. Any rejection hurts the most romantic zodiac sign. Each rejection or desertion reinforces their belief that they are unlovable.


Taurus dreads change. Taurus is the most love-insecure. When something unusual happens, they lose their composure, realism, and stability. Taurus may check your phone if they're uneasy in the relationship.


Twins make Geminis the most indecisive zodiac sign. Insecure. Geminis are moody. They can rapidly get insecure and self-doubtful when they don't feel a scenario.

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