Leos are natural leaders and style icons. Leo is extroverted. Leo rules the fifth house of fun, amusement, risk-taking, romance, and socialising. It's sunny.


Geminis are curious, open-minded, and quick to fill silence. They'll have hours-long conversations with strangers. Geminis have many friends from different backgrounds.

Mercury rules Gemini, the zodiac's second-most outgoing sign. Gemini is never boring. Gemini loves change and mingling. As soon as they enter, expect laughter, intellectualising, and flirting.


Sagittarius are open-minded. They appreciate new partnerships and are curious about others. Philosophy, reading, and adventure keep Sagittarians talking. 


Those born under this sign are natural peacemakers, and as a result, their friendships tend to be harmonious. They have no trouble striking up conversations with total strangers.

Libras may withdraw from a conversation to allow others to speak. If your conversation becomes bullying or gossip, they will interrupt. Libras speak out for the underprivileged.


Mars rules Aries, making them ambitious, structured, and assertive. The zodiac's newborns are outgoing and pleasant. In groups, their competitive, challenge-seeking character shines.

Aries want to help first, especially in emergencies. Heroes and volunteerism attract them. Expect your Aries friend to command a group workout or gardening event.

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