Which Zodiac Sign Makes the Best Dog Owner?


Devoted Taurus welcomes their new puppy into the family with open arms because they understand the commitment that comes with pet ownership.

 Caring for a pet as an Earth sign means you're a realist and a diligent worker. Taureans love their homes and will treat their pets like family.


Cancer is a motherly figure who does more than just make sure her children are well cared for. Cancers have an insatiable love for their pets. Cancers tend to make friends for life.


kindly Pisces is the sign most likely to rescue a homeless dog. They'll also make their dogs' life easier. The more involved true creators can be, the better.


This sign benefits from the companionship of a dog since it encourages them to get out and have more fun. Those that own pets tend to be flexible Geminis.

 They'll figure out how to accommodate the new addition to the family. Geminis are able to bounce back from setbacks, such as illness or training.


Leo's extroverted nature isn't limited to how he interacts with other people. These kind lions view their pets as members of the family, treating them with the same devotion, enthusiasm,

Leos, who are ruled by the Sun, often step up to the plate when it comes to taking care of a pet. Therefore, they will not appreciate having a sluggish dog.

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