Which Reptiles Make the Best Pets for Kids?

Everyone loves leopard geckos. They're non-aggressive, clean, and can live 20 years as pets. Leopard geckos don't need UVB lighting because they eat insects.

Leopard Geckos

Children are allowed to both feed and clean their animals' enclosures. Burrowing lizards that live on land are known as leopard geckos.

Bearded dragons are calm but need space and lights. Bearded dragons are hardier than leopard geckos but need daily vegetables. They're easy to maintain with proper heat and lighting.

Bearded Dragons

This gentle, easy-to-handle crawling alternative is quiet, clean, and doesn't require much daily maintenance, food, or lighting. Corn snakes require a warm home. Corn snakes are fed weekly.

Corn Snakes

Like the others, it's soft, uncomplicated, and low-maintenance. Like a bearded dragon, blue-tongued skinks need a larger habitat, heat, and illumination.

Blue-Tongued Skink

This snake likewise needs pre-killed mice, but a ball python is thicker than a corn snake and ball pythons can live for decades, so consider that. These pythons make fantastic long-lived, gentle pets.

Ball Pythons

Russian tortoises are calm, sluggish, and long-lived. Their size and temperament are excellent for kids, but they need heat, lighting, and fresh veggies everyday

Russian Tortoises

Furthermore, their hardiness makes Russian tortoises a good choice for cautious pet-handling beginners among young children. Protective gear that is already included in

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