Which Cats Do Urban Areas Suit Best?

The Scottish fold is a lovely, quiet solution for smaller areas. These gregarious cats love playing fetch. Food riddles satisfy food curiosity when you can't be at home.

Scottish Fold

The American shorthair, a pedigreed domestic shorthair, is a friendly cat who likes people. These cats can live in apartments if their social demands are met. 

American Shorthair

A Russian blue cat is loving but independent. It doesn't take much space for these timid felines to feel comfortable. They like to play with cat toys while sitting on high.

Russian Blue

Ragdolls make good lapcats. Known for being limp when held. Adaptable and dynamic, ragdolls are adaptable. Playful, they follow their owners around the house.


Persians relax. Calm cats appreciate laps and soft surfaces. They don't climb or jump, making them excellent for small homes. They like people yet are also happy alone.


Maine coons are friendly, affable giants. Large cats like people but aren't demanding. Toys and a window amuse them. Leash walks provide exercise and enrichment.

Maine Coon

 These gentle, friendly cats prefer a warm lap or velvety cushion to strenuous activity, like their long-haired cousins. Moderately active, they'll play with cat toys before returning to your lap.


Loving Burmese. Cats want human or pet interaction to escape loneliness. Cats are athletic and need cat trees and leaping areas. Size doesn't matter if they're cared for.


Apartment-friendly British shorthairs. Cats enjoy relaxing over running. They like emotional and physical games. If they don't overfeed, food puzzles are perfect for compact spaces.

British Shorthair

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