According to you your world should be full of good food friends and people who are not afraid to work hard for their things so your ideal world will be full of people with a good sense of training.


You are very emotional and always give an order in chaos which is life so your world will be full of people who are not afraid to express their feelings and who always know their limits.


You're a social butterfly you sometimes want to spend time alone but your ideal world would be a world full of friendly people who love to take care of their own business.


Cancerians are deep thinkers who often give themselves too much so everyone in your world will be alone and appreciate each other no one can hate anyone and your world will be full of love.


Leo Your world will be exactly what you imagine everyone will love you, you will be able to do what you want and the rest of the world will only look to you for guidance.


You hate being with other people and you always find faults that people want but your world will be empty and you will be the only person left and everything will be yours.


More encouraging and voluntary than you think your world will be filled with a masterpiece art and creativity even the streets will be paved with something wonderful.


You are very strong and try your best to keep everything fine so your world will be based on honesty and truthfulness and everyone will learn to live together nothing will dominate you.


Your world will probably be exactly like our current world your relationships will not be as brief you will always travel and find wonderful places to come back.


Your world will be full of books and fantasies you read everything will be like magic and full of things this world can never offer.


Your world will be full of happiness and peace where there will be no violence of any kind and there will be no obstacles of any kind in anyone's life and everyone will be happy.


The desires of everyone's hearts in your world will be fulfilled and everyone's dream will come true as well as the mysterious and sensitive things will be and will keep everyone connected.


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