Your birthstone tells us that you are an ambitious and compassionate leader and that you value your relationships with others and know your worth.


You have a calm spiritual side and an aura of intelligence that inspires respect and your humility and gentle nature are able to please others.


You are a messenger of peace among people and others trust you because of your unwavering loyalty and passion for justice, your presence inspires honesty in others as well.


You can have a very tough mind against an opponent, emphasize your strength and your stubbornness to live up to your commitments and achieve success is an asset.


You have a clear goal on your goals and the motivation to achieve them and the ability to unite people whether it's resolving family conflict or connecting long-term relationships.


You are sensitive to the feelings of others, your friends appreciate your patience and humility and often come to you for your empathy. You like to make people laugh.


You have a talent for theatre but you can be moody because you feel emotions more deeply than others.


You inspire confidence and are honest to what you cherish and are the only one encouraging you all after unfortunate events.


You are honest and don't like anything wrong, this applies to your relationships and you need a little time to trust someone but you are generous by nature.


You are always eager to meet new people, you are creative and spontaneous. Your life is never boring because you are always moving forward.


You have your own unique way of thinking, your resolve is commendable and your conviction is that whenever you want, you can.


Your knowledge is before you and others are constantly asking for your advice, you are protective of the people you love and they appreciate your honesty and your grace.

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