What Types of Dogs Are Ideal for Older People?

Bichon Frise

Happy bichon frise. This 7 to 12-pound breed is friendly. Trainable Bichons. Low-maintenance bichon requires grooming. Bichons are healthy and happy with moderate daily activity and company.

French Bulldog

Frenchies make it hard to be sad. Frenchies are joyful. Compact, active dogs. We can handle 19 to 28 pounds. They're bouncy but weak. This breed must exercise regularly.


Strong, muscular legs, a compact, streamlined body, and a short, smooth coat define Egyptian greyhounds. Small head, long neck, deep chest. Greyhounds can race at 45 mph, making them the fastest breed.


White Malteses resemble bichons. This breed likes cuddles and walks. Bichon-like grooming requirements. It requires professional grooming. Easy-to-train Maltese. This 4-to-7-pound puppy is manageable.


The Pomeranian is a bright and bold toy dog breed from Germany and Poland. Poms are friendly but sometimes bossy. Despite its small size, it's faithful to its family and a good guard dog.


Poodles are smart and popular. Toy, miniature, and standard poodles are available. Poodles are loving pets. Poodles learn quickly and adapt to all homes. Most poodles need daily walks.

Shih Tzu

Tiny shih tzus are popular. The 9-16-pound breed is easy to manage. Shih tzus can be trained despite being stubborn. It requires walks and grooming. Shih tzus have skin issues and brachycephalic condition.


The pug is a Chinese toy dog with a short, silky coat, wrinkled face, and curled tail. They're small but mighty. Pugs are cute but spunky. They can adapt to numerous circumstances, but prefer mild weather.

Miniature Schnauzer

Mini schnauzers are low-maintenance. They shed little and are low-maintenance. Their modest size makes them easy to carry and stroll with. They live 12 years on average, longer than certain breeds.

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