What to Look For If You Suspect Your Husband Is Cheating

Earlier when after coming from work or outside, he used to keep his purse and cards in open on the tables, but now this is not happening, he has started hiding his purse and cards from you.

Hiding wallet and cards

Earlier when night out was in limit or not at all, but now he has mostly started night out or coming late at night.

He's starting to come late at night

Earlier when you used to go out with your husband but now this is not happening, he is going out alone,

Going out alone has increased

and on your asking he is avoiding you and finding some excuse or the other, is not taking you out with him.

As a sign, there is a change in his outfit and he is spending more time getting ready, also he has started paying more attention to his looks, which was not the case before.

Too many changes in dress and looks

As a sign, there is a lack of communication between you, now like before, your husband does not talk to you after coming from outside or does not ask how was your day,

Changes in communication

 he remains lost in his own world as soon as he comes from outside. He is ignoring anything else.

Keeping the mobile phone hidden or when earlier the mobile was lying openly but now its password has been changed, 

Hiding the phone or talking away

when someone used to talk in front of you on a call but now he is talking secretly by going away from you on receiving a call.

There is a lack of intimacy, now the relationship between you is not the same as before, he has started trying to go away from you.

lack of intimacy

Earlier when we used to talk mostly on the phone, but now either there is less talk or he starts making excuses to you on calling.

Having fewer phone conversations

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