You have all the things you want to do but you can do things that your partner likes but not you by doing so your partner will feel that you really care about them.


When you touch your partner he feels good,it can be a small touch on his arm or a big hug which shows how much you care and how safe you feel with him.


Your partner doesn't stop you from meeting your friends because he knows that he doesn't have to worry about it and he's also happy to know that he can have both.


Your partner finds it fantastic that you love his family that he is able to imagine you as part of his family and that only increases his love for you.


Your partner likes your confidence and bright personality the way you stay in touch with everyone they are impressed with you, you make them feel complete in themselves.


When you are able to do a task your partner likes you and you make him feel as if you are both a team that has the ability to complete any task together.


When you ask for your partner's opinion to do any work he feels cute and good he is happy that you trust him and keep his words in mind.


Boys also need to feel warm and desirable sometimes and when you help him with it he doesn't resist it but likes and enjoys it.


You are flexible and open to change your partner likes that he does not have to worry that things will get boring with both of you because you keep things interesting.


People appreciate whatever work you do, of course things should not be done just to get positive feedback but still it is unique to your partner.


You care about human causes and you love animals which your partner likes because it shows him how kind you are and your heart is big.


You are passionate about your work,hobbies or art that your partner finds inspiring and reassuring you are not dependent on him for his happiness and this makes him want to be with you more.

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