You have a stubborn nature and you are oriented towards work people do not pay attention to you and not being appreciated for your good deeds scares you the most which shocks you deeply.


You are always on time and never fail to get the job done and not finding someone who truly loves you scares you the most the search for love in your mind will give you the ultimate sense of security.


You are the kind of person most people meet with you enjoy talking and losing yourself is what scares you the most you don't want to give up on the things that make you.


You are a very expressive person and the idea of being alone scares you the most even in your best and brightest moments you always wonder if one day these people will disappear.


Meditation is something you can't live without you're afraid of being ignored and losing your spark you want to be the center of attraction forever and you won't be able to manage it if it changes.


You condemn criticism a lot and by doing so you always kill others but when others criticize you you can't handle it you are afraid of losing control over others and coming out with their true intentions.


You are inconclusive but overall you are a great person and what scares you the most is a little different from others you are afraid of being betrayed.


You're very secretive you're most afraid to be insecure and let others in it's something that takes you completely out of your comfort zone you don't let that happen often.


You don't like to connect with anyone and always move on with new people but you fear losing your freedom the most you don't want anyone else to take control of your life.


You are a very careful person you try your best to avoid the things that scare you the most you strive for success and want it the most but are afraid of failing.


You are someone who likes to have fun you don't want to change yourself for someone what scares you the most is the thought of opening up when you think about it you are quite uncomfortable.


You are a very talented and creative person you are afraid of rejection of anything and that is what scares you the most if you go ahead or try to get out of your comfort zone it takes you too far.

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