When Aries people are in a relationship and the relationship is not going well or the relationship demands more from these people, then you feel trapped.


When the people of Taurus are unable to live up to their own and other's expectations and cannot fulfill what other people want from them, then they find themselves trapped.


Gemini people do not want to give any kind of commitment to others because it excites the people around them, due to which they find themselves trapped in people.


Cancerians are unable to give up things easily, which makes them feel lonely and trapped.


The people of Leo zodiac always want attention and when no one pays attention to them, they feel alone in their needs, which makes them feel trapped.


The people of Virgo zodiac have a lot of expectations, but when these people start keeping expectations from other people except themselves, then they find themselves trapped.


Librans always put the happiness of others ahead, due to which they sometimes put themselves in bad situations which trap them.


Scorpios like to maintain their control in everything, but their desire to control everything keeps them trapped.


Sagittarius people like to cherish their independence but when they have to commit or get involved with someone, they find themselves trapped.


Capricorns like the idea of ​​planning before doing anything, but find themselves trapped when these plans backfire.


Aquarians do not like to be controlled in any way and try to avoid them as much as possible because being controlled only makes them feel trapped.


People of Pisces like to control others to leave their influence but when they fail in this they find themselves trapped.


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