Typical fare of the Chinese. They have the thick manes and hairy coats of bears. Dogs that fit this description tend to be pristine, distant, and upper class.

Chow Chow

The largest variety of the Japanese spitz has a thick coat and rounded ears, making it look like a bear. Guard and hunting dogs, Akitas are dependable and full of boundless energy.


Herding dogs defended sheep against predators like bears and wolves. These large, gentle dogs are incredibly intelligent, loving, and trustworthy guardians.

Great Pyrenees

Samoyeds originated in Siberia. Polar expeditions bred these smart, muscular sled dogs. Their thick, white coats and fluffy tails make them friendly and energetic family pets.


Big, gentle Newfoundlands are trainable. Newfoundlands are called nanny dogs because they look over and protect children. They have small snouts, thick coats, and huge skulls like bears.


Caucasian shepherds are bear-sized. These dogs have thick coats and muscular bodies like bears. These brave dogs protect cattle and buildings under harsh conditions

Caucasian Shepherd

Leonbergers were bred as royal companions. Leonbergers pulled carts well due to their size and strength. Despite their large size and bear-like fur, these dogs are calm and friendly.


The Eurasier is a balanced and assured family pet with ancestry in both Europe and Asia. The Eurasier is another type of dog with thick fur that resembles a bear


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