When things don't go your way your temperament goes bad once you find the person who really helps you on all levels you'll be with him for the rest of his life.


You're not really boring you prefer logic and consistency to romantic gestures even if you don't complain by bringing good gifts from time to time.


You want a crazy adventure in your love life you are attractive, confident, fun and calm minded you are unable to make decisions and stick to what can make your partner climb the wall.


Why do you wonder if people love you there's so much going on with your feelings but you need a healthy outlet to express yourself.


Everyone loves you people start loving you even before they really know you,you're a great conversationalist and party life but you also love hard and fast.


As analytical and reliable as you are you do everything with a systematic approach except love you are also worth someone's effort and as much as you like them they should also love you.


You don't have to regret everything especially for things that aren't your fault you're a great partner in a relationship because you care about your partner's feelings.


You are a fighter of truth so staying in touch with you can be an intense experience you are proud of everything you do and you expect your partner to have the same desire for greatness.


You are very attractive and your sense of humor generally paves the way for great friendships you see your best partners so try to see the best of you too.


Not always a bad thing but you remind people what can go wrong someone will appreciate your pessimistic side but not everyone will want to be there for too long.


You love your freedom you're courageous in your relationship if someone comes too close and you're not ready you'll leave without a trace and you have a zero-tolerance policy for shady deception.


You have a heart of gold and compassion is one of your main traits you like to make people feel good about yourself especially about your spouse.

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